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Organic Paw Balm (TRAVEL SIZE)

Organic Paw Balm (TRAVEL SIZE)

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Why use Paw Balm?

Daily exposure to hot pavements or cold weather can lead to dry, cracked, and itchy dog paws, eventually resulting in harm to their paw pads and noses. Our 100% Organic Paw Balm is effective, easy to use, and gentle for daily application.


  • 0.5 OZ perfect size for travel.
  • Can be applied to your dog's nose and elbows. 
  • Keeps paws safe from both hot pavement and icy surfaces.
  • Our formula is non-toxic and safe for dogs to lick.
  • Made with love in Puerto Rico.


What are the ingredients?

Shea Butter 

Helps by moisturizing their skin, soothing irritation, and protecting against environmental factors.

Organic Coconut Oil

 Naturally fights bacteria and fungus, helping wounds heal faster.

Organic Beeswax

Provides a protective barrier and helps retain moisture, keeping your dog's paw pads healthy and safe.

Organic Virgin Olive Oil

Helps condition their paw pads, promoting overall paw health and comfort.



How To Apply: 

Clean & dry paws before applying.

Apply a thin layer and gently massage onto the paw pads twice daily.


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